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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


To whom it may concern;

I am currently annoyed by all the drama that is going into the 'Most Inseparable' superlative. Members of Senior Colorguard and TBX are friends, personally some of my really close friends are in guard, and I am not going to stop associating with them or their friends because of some stupid argument that I am not even promoting. There is a growing tension between the two groups that worsens on a day to day basis, and that is not a healthy environment. As for the actual superlative, both candidates are qualified for the title, and I believe the argument and offensiveness is a waste of time anyway; everyone knows any voting that goes on in high school is strictly a popularity contest.

I will not compromise my friendship for any award. My friendship with some members of guard is just as strong as my friendship with some members of TBX. To be honest, there are some members of TBX (who shall remain nameless) who I straight up just don't like. TBX hosts some of my best friends, but they will not persuade me to give up my growing friendship with members of guard. I do not think anyone in the colorguard has that on their mind, but they too, should know that it is just a stupid title, and that making such a big deal of it is more of a waste of energy then it is worth.

My ties with colorguard will not be broken by something so trivial. At this point they should just cancel the award, because it is causes so much drama. We both are so i, that we shouldn't have some idiots that don't even know us, vote on it. Even this very event, making so much of an ordeal of it, shows how close we are too each other. It shows how much we care about each other. TBX and senior colorguard are both inseparable. Our friendships in each group are both indescribable, and our bond can never be broken. TBX doesn't need to be forced together in first hour to be so close...neither does guard. Guard hangs out with each other outside of school and practices. TBX is the same, we are all each some of each other's closest friends, and school related or not, we will be together. When will you find me without David? When will you find Lauren without Ashley? Get it? Same difference. I have a good time at work when I work with members of TBX, and I also have a good time when I work with people in guard. We are all people, and we are all priceless, no matter what group we belong to. We all love each other, that's what matters. Who cares if "they love each other more than we love each other". It's all good. And if you don't think it is, then...well...then you're not good.

I have never been so embarrased by such a petty issue. I am ashamed to sit with people who wave banners of HATE, and promote a group full of so much hatred. I will not wear a shirt that says "friends over flags". I will not print out papers and tape them up or promote them. I will not say anything offensive. I will watch my mouth, and that won't be hard, since I don't have anything offensive to say. What upsets me even more, is the people who wanted to rip up with picture of me with a flag. I thought it was clever and funny, I liked it. I wanted it to stay, and it's a picture of me, so how dare you try to take it away. If it's something even I don't mind, then why in the world should you care? I think everyone is missing the idea. It should all be in fun. Senior superlatives aren't supposed to be such a serious thing. I don't care if you vote for me for "Most Likely To Succeed", or for Trevor, or for Henry, or Adrian. It's not like your picture isn't in the yearbook already. Everyone has a very nice looking senior picture, I'm sure. Who really cares that much if you win this thing? Is it really worth the effort you put into it?

We both deserve to win the category. But honestly, I hope neither of us win. That will do the trick. None of us will stick our tongues out at the other, and we can't rub it in each other's faces. We'll just be saying "how they hell did THAT group win?" I wish TBX would resign, and then guard would resign, and some other people would win, and we wouldn't even be paying attention, and then we would all go out for lunch together. Too bad that only happens in the movies, that would be cool. I will be very upset if either group decides to taunt the other, if one of us wins. I'm already upset. No one should let this come between a friendship. I know I won't. I wore my guard hat all day, including in the picture. It's just that senseless to me, this whole situation. I would rather not call myself a member of TBX, than continue with this the Brother's Ware. That's what this is turning into, a civil war, a war between brothers (and sisters).I hope you will all see this argument with a greater sense of understanding. It's not about whether Flanagan wins or loses, it's about how much fun we have at the game.

-Joe Willage

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dear tbx and guard:

chill out

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

12:06AM - come on just say it, you need me like a bad habit

the bad thing about watching something like WPT on tv for a second time, is you know who wins in the end and with what cards.
the good thing about playing cards on monday was winning 25 bucks
hopefully tomorrow ill play good
well enough of that

tonight i went with tea and david to check out that LAN place by muvico. we played halo free for 20 minutes so it was pretty cool. but after that we didnt really do anything.

i think im going to warped tour with julia. that will be great. but if anyone could take me home, that would also be great.

i miss my friend :-\

i got a pretty decent paycheck, just shy of 400, but nothing to spend it on

later ladies and fellows

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Monday, July 26, 2004


its so hot outside. summer down here sucks!
work has been alrighte lately.
my plans for today are still in deciding.
either the beach..or not the beach..

alot of cards being played lately. won like 20 bucks the other night at daves. after a long grewling struggle.
im mailing in my senior pics today. they didnt turn out so bad. i was surprised when i got them. i was like "is that me?"

alright well see you all

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Friday, July 23, 2004

12:45AM - all dressed up with no place to go

today turned out to be pretty cool.
there was a slight change of plans so i ended up hanging out with matt the whole today. me, him, matt f, matt r, and mark went to new century buffet for lunch. and had this big confusion about the bill and getting change. then we went to sam ash for a little bit. i havent been there in a while, it was cool.

me and matt went to regal and watched some of anchorman and some of cinderella story. then me him dave and tea went to majka's house to play cards. lost 6 bucks, but it was a fun night. diego is ridiculous. cynical, and ridiculous. cyniclous.

santino came in to work the other night. it was cool, i got to talk to him for a couple minutes. nothing else really cool happened in the past couple days.
tomorrow after work i think we are watching bourne supremecy then playing halo.

sometimes it seems like there is no hope
but i dont want to give up

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

1:16AM - on and on and on

hello livejournal cadets.

the coolest thing ever was hanging out with david p. it was so funny!
saturday night we went bowling, where he dropped the ball behind him. that was after i smacked a ball into the back of my leg, and before matt bowled on kevin's shoulder. it was fun.
after that we went to dennys, where i proceeded to knock down 2 glasses, simultaniously...it was grrreat. but we had the sweetest waitress ever, who gave us free mozzerella sticks, and D-Fusions and stuff. she got a nice 25% tip.

i dont remember the rest of the stuff i did
but today i had senior pictures. then i got quiznos. 5th night in a row eating the same thing. and went to movies. met up with dave and emily and we watched a cinderella story, with lia and shannon, then anchorman.

lately all i've been doing at work is coloring. its nice though. i enjoy it..

speaking of, tomorrow i work 8.30am - 11.00pm, so im gonna get some rest.


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Friday, July 16, 2004

12:07PM - you slept safe and close to the window

good morning!

i am not looking foward to closing tonight. a friday. its not my thing. and then opening tomorrow morning.
if you wanna hang out tomorrow night, let me know, please. me, dave, dave, los and tea i think are going bowling or something. it's tea's first day back home.

i have to finish my letter to julia. she always blows up at me then apologizes the next day. maybe she should just let wes handle the schedule, that sounds like a good idea to me.

the summer's still cool. i need some more hanging out though with a few people that i miss, dearly.

a cinderella story opens today. i think i'll see that when i get a chance. better that than i,robot.

oh yea, i went shopping again. so i spent like $200 in like 2 weeks. but its cool, cause now i'm set for a while. and i finally got more pants and shorts, yay for that. and i got a haircut too, the other day. for senior pictures.

alright well im gonna make something to eat

if chasing our dreams is just a distraction
i want to remember
well i know that i can go back

-~joseph w.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

11:29PM - here we go again, kids

well this was a long day. had to open at work. it was just me and shannon, and she couldnt speak, so i was basically on register the whole day. thats ok though cause she's rasping now....
after a whole lot of confusion and deciding, me niki and lia went to the mall for a little while then davids.
me dave and harris went to $10 tuesday at boomers, and niki sold us out..again

it was fun there though. even though they wouldnt even let us ball it up. but the grid is one of the coolest games i have ever played.

i think i just saw ashton kutcher in a Target commercial.

tomorrow im hanging out with my mom and ellen and garrett. idont know what we are doing, but i took out $100 because i want to go to american eagle and buy clothes.

oh, and in case i ever tell you "buy me whatever you think i would like", do not buy me candy. unless its cookie dough bites. all other candy is :-\. thanks though lia.

joe cool

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Monday, July 12, 2004

1:42AM - so many days, so many hours, im still burning till you return

hey LJ readers

comment and let me know if you want to know anything. like how i am doing, or how so-and-so has been, or anything else.

i will also be updating on a regular basis once again, starting whenever i feel like it

i take to heart my conversations with people that understand, and care.

jinx; you suck my george's beko.

what i gotta do now
to get my shawty back
well i dont know what im gonna do
without my boo
youve been gone for sooo long...

goodnight florida,

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Monday, June 28, 2004


today was the longest day at work. 12 hours of nothing. morning shift me shannon puccio and cecil cleaned everything for inspection. night shift café went by faster than usual. all these new people came in to train so it was packed chiefs to indians, eh gomez?
after work i watched the notebook for a few minutes because my best friends were in there. it looks really cool though and ive heard what other people have said about it, so im definately gonna make it a point to watch the rest of it at some other time.

tomorrow i work 8.30-5. come home. have tea install modem and everything. then go watch spiderman with david at midnight. and probably see alot of you there for the public showing at 12.01

so tomorow will be another long day so im gonna go to sleep now. me and david have to wake up early, so peace out


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Sunday, June 27, 2004

11:34PM - everybody likes a hug

yesterday was pretty cool. farenheit 911 was a really good movie, we all enjoyed it. along with observations of how the sawgrass regal is so much cooler than westfork's. after the movie we went back to erics and ordered pizza and played halo. and greg played piano...period.

my mom said she saw 2 or 3 kids today in walmart wearing alkaline trio shirts and she thought of me

today was kinda drawn out. got up and decided to go to work. but i went to the mall first, and saw jean working. so i had a nice little talk with him for a little while. i miss working with him. so i clocked in at work at like 2. omar came in, it was great. only i didnt really talk to him like i did last time. the latter part of the day was cooler than the earlier. not to mention i finally pried something out of shannon, like i would pry open a box. dont worry :-x!

i got mine and davids tix for the midnight spiderman too. i guess we're watching the screening though and seeing it wednesday. i dunno yet.

tomorow work 11-11. and some new people come in to get trained at night.

well i am OFF to sleep my people

sincerely yours,

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

12:56PM - like a bad star, im falling faster down to her

last night was...interesting...to say the least

so was the night before. halo-fest 2k4 was a success. we played over 5 hours. from 11 to 430. it was a really fun night. later this afternoon is halo-fest 2k4 reloaded. the name was matts idea.

thursday morning i woke up early and me and dave went to CB to ride the waterslides. tea was there with his family already. then we met jack and emily and beanie and jen. it was fun, we gotta go again sometime

yesterday i totally cleaned out my room with all the junk i have laying around in there.
in the afternoon i watched my alk3 dvd with the commentary on.
"many barns to be burned"
"many hotdogs to be eaten"
then david came over for a little while and then niki came to pick us up with lauren and lia. it was weird going to PIS without an xbox to play halo there. ush and madelyn were tight. other than that i wasnt really feeling up to par. i wasnt really in a great mood and i guess there was nothing i could do about that.
after the show we went to some party but me david and lauren waited in the car. me and david drove it. we sat there with our arms crossed waiting for niki and lia to come out.
then we went to phils. i was kinda suprised. when we walked in everyone was sitting around with drinks in their hands. and i was like...this is phils house, have you all gone mad!? but its their perogative.
but it was funny to watch everyone, but it got kinda boring after like an hour or something. so we went home. got in at about 2.30 and crashed out.

today is halo then i think we are seeing farenheit 911 at the sawgrass regal, depending on what george tells david today.

its one thing that i never said
im truly happy in my heart and in my head

ttyl amigos,

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Friday, June 25, 2004



i was drinking you goodbye

Thursday, June 24, 2004


wheres tea biscuit

i was drinking you goodbye

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

11:35PM - we don't barely keep in touch at all

i just turned on mtv, and they were playing usher-burn. i have a new reason to watch that channel.

today was great. early work was easy but long. 2 breaks. then played halo at davids. then went back and watched white chicks with dave harris marissa jen ana and eric. it was pretty fun, i will admit. i actually thoguht it would be bad, but it was cool.

and finding out about larson's relationship was great haha man.
tomorrow is another day of waking up early, to ride the waterslides. then HALO FEST josh seaton i know you wanna come

oh lol theyre showing that coke commercial that we have at work all the time. where the girl opens the bottle on his belt. that never happens. next time we go to the beach though, im gonna get a bottle opener and a bottle of coke before-hand, and someone BETTER come up to me and open it on my belt. then the spider man2 song will come on. and we'll sing.

self doubt

keep it cool

i was drinking you goodbye

6:20AM - i try but im not convincing, your lips they pout and twist and i die trying just to keep myself from

happy birthday shannon
this is an early shift

i'm gonna go eat breakfast at dunkin donuts and try to get my mind off things

is ana back yet?

white chicks after work better be good

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

4:08PM - we sing for hope and your pennies to drop

here's some plans maybe some of you will want to join me in.

thursday: CB smith park, ride the waterslides all day for $7. get there at around 10am and leave whenever youre tired.
thursday night: halo-fest at eric's house at around 9.30 or whenever he gets done at work. goes until everyone there gets tired. BYOC (bring your own controller). featuring 4 xbox's with halo, system-linked. we just have a lack of controllers, we only have 2 extra, so you need to bring your own. and how could you lose, wes might be coming.

so drop a line if youre interested in either of those. now its time, after waiting 9 months, to pick up bad(der) santa. and work.


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Monday, June 21, 2004

11:32PM - best weekend ever

well let me tell you, the past like 8 days have been awesome. it sucks having to go back to work. i miss not being there.

saturday i went to tea's with bam and brian and bams bass got fixed. then me and tea went to matts and played halo over there then david met us and we played. then em picked us up and we went to amandas little graduation thing for a few minutes, played halo there lol and then went to the show. madelyn was great, not their best performance, but it was awesome. and USH actually did show up lol it was weird. but we left after a few songs sorry matt and the rest of you.
but that night was a WHOLE bunch of fun, despite my mind being on something else. especially the great comments that david made. yea you know what im talking about.

sunday was the most amazing thing ever. straylight was so incredible. seriously it blew me away. it was so worth it. i cant even begin to tell you how awesome it was. and ozma was good too. rooney i left for. left....TO MEET STRAYLIGHT RUN. me dave and bryan went in the back where they load up. and it was the 4 of them there. no one else. the 4 of them, and the 3 of us. intimate. it was awesome. we walked closer and i was like 'oh man...what do i say'. it was like getting ready to talk to a girl you like lol you know. theyre so nice, we were talking to the drummer, will, for a little bit, then to john and michelle for i dont even remember how long. all i know is it was amazing. then we got some bad burger king and went home.

today i woke up when? at 5.00 am. we went to the beach to watch the sunrise. me tea david jack emily marissa jen lauren beanie jessie, that is. it was nice. i had a fun time after all. it was really cool, i hope we do it again. although my whitehood always makes me burn. i need to have darker skin.
after the beach i watched some of the terminal, and all of dodgeball. that movie was hilarious
i wathced some of it agin with jack and em when i was on break

so thats my weekend
depressing in my personal way
but awesome as hell

see you guys tomorrow


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straylight run

amazing.Collapse )

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Sunday, June 20, 2004



Current mood: excited
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